Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Creative Challenge #1 RESULTS!

Hello everyone!!

It's been almost 1 month since I published my first Creative Challenge on youtube, and I must say I'm really happy to have done this! It's been a GREAT experience, with a great feedback and with AMAZING results that made me discover incredible and talented musicians, but specially nice people in my friends/subscribers circle! So with no doubt it won't be the last, I promise!

I'm going to start by featuring here all the responses to the contest. The first entry was the one from my friend Tomas, who in less than 24 hours posted a little piece of art singing over the melody I did, it really made me happy! :)

Then, Jorge posted also a quick response where he learnt and played the main melody on the electric guitar, combining it with my video making a cool sound! After it, a very nice pianist from Singapore (his name doesn't appear on his channel) posted 2 responses, making 2 songs from the chords and the melody and adding beautiful melodies from his own!

The next response was the one from Ryry794, who introduced for first a new kind of response, with fast keyboard arpeggios based on the main melody and drums/synth in the background!

And then it came the first female voice! From Letizia who made a song with her lyrics called "Nobody hold you", singing greatly and playing guitar at the same time! :)

The following response was the beautiful acoustic response from Josephine, a very talented italian guitarist! She is an example of putting emotion into music with her guitar and her instrumental pieces. She nicely caught the essence of the melody.

After that, Kayla published her singing response, making 3 little musical poems with her sweet voice even she was a bit sick!! That has its merit, good job :) Then Özgür used my melody to create a musical story about him. I specially loved his playing with the harmonica while doing the chords with the guitar, he has a great heart really, I wish him the best!

Chris followed the challenge entries with his beautiful creation, "At the end of the day". He is an amazing person and a great composer, check his channel!

Then my great friend MrShafty10 posted his relaxing and soothing synth response to my video, creating an ethereal atmosphere to the music! :) He has so much inside I can feel.

After this I must say I got really surprised by the great multi-video response from Lukas! He arranged a whole song starting from my melody, singing, playing guitar, voice and VIOLIN harmonies! I really liked it and it shows the great talent he has, good job Lukas!

But I still was lucky to have much more surprises to get! Deus Ventus did a really cool instrumental rock / keyboard song with my melody, picking the main theme in different parts of the song combined with his own compositions and drums. I loved the feeling on that one!

It's also good to know that I can inspire people to make his completely original pieces, and this is the case of ickomusic. Great keyboard, cool melodies, live drums, what else can you ask for? Check it :)

As I said before, I still had a lot of surprises to get. I was really, really impressed to receive as responses things I couldn't do by myself at all. Check the amazing electro mix from artists like GabrielDark, the great arrangement with nintendo sound style from another nice composer, Expliff, or the dreamy-spiritual response from another cool electronic musician Bitterc0ld, those are much better quality songs than what I ever could do by myself!

I can't hide the fact that the responses from the username Blah12345683 were really funny for me. He posted acounr 8 responses (I just published 2 of them) playing what it seemed to be random things at the piano, haha. Thanks for that!

Then Iisakki came with his mind blowing response, an absolutely epic piece combining piano, drums, guitar and more keyboard sounds creating a very powerful instrumental response! Great job!! That was awesome :)

After that I discovered another great musician, Miranda. She has only been playing piano for a short time and she is already composing very emotional stuff on the piano, like her response to my challenge! She has a bright future if she continues playing :)

Just a few days before the challenge deadline I still had some of the best responses yet to receive. Caroline's video is one of them! Her response was called "Sea Wanderers" and you just have to watch it, I love how Caroline expressed an epic-mythical atmosphere with my melody and her continuation. Not only that but her voice is incredible too! (And her hair of course).

Cintia was the following to surprise me! She made 3 different responses playing guitar, flute and singing, everything done beautifully! She deserves a much better camera because her talent is just to be spread too! She writes great lyrics too, is there something she can't do?

The last response I received on time, I can only say that it was worth the wait! Made by Ferkai Péter & Róth Barnabás, 2 friends playing guitar and piano, the only thing that comes to my mind is why don't they release an album already! Check their response.

I also received one late response from Generalbeat777, it's a pity because it's one of the greatest electronic pieces I received, you will see with you own eyes but I can't be unfair with the rest!

And, after giving some deserved credit and a big THANK YOU to all who participated, I have to tell the names of the winners! Finally!

It's been REALLY hard to choose this, you can't imagine and I never thought I was going to take such difficult decisions in my life, because you can never compare perfectly and almost every response had something special. This is why I decided to put some "factors" that would contribute positively to the video. I've given value to:

-Responses that integrated my own melody into their compositions.
-Entries that were original while not being completely different.
-Emotion, to see that you made it part of your expression.
-Effort! Key to everything, so it's also a valuable thing.
-If it didn't had just audio is preferable, this is youtube after all!
-It's better if they were made earlier instead of almost at deadline!

With this criteria, I chose SIX winners with no order, who will replace the six Channels I currently had recommending and linking on my channel for one whole month, in order to help them spread their talent! Let's start saying the winners, sorted by upload time of their responses:


Congratulations to the winners and THANKS TO EVERYONE who participated. It's been really hard for me to choose the winners because all of you were amazing :) Don't hesitate to participate in further contests because I will do more. It's been an amazing experience for me, hope you enjoyed it too. Take care and see you in the next challenge!

-Joe ;)

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